Thursday, January 31, 2008

Google adwords and your BANS store

I see several people get very frustrated with Google Adwords. Not only BANS store owners, but marketers everywhere. I will give you a few cost effective tips to get your feet wet without blowing the bank.

1. Commit to a 30 day plan at a budget of $1.00 a day. This should be very affordable and give you an idea of what works for your niche.

2. Do not go shooting for the moon on your first keyword phrase. Shoot for a phrase that might get 100 or so searches a day. The more popular the phrase the stiffer the competition against Adword pros. Use the free wordtracker tool to dig around and check if there is heavy competition for that phrase. 8 or competitors is too many in my opinion.

3. The title of you ad should be close to your keyword phrase you are shooting for.

4. The next 2 lines is your hook phrase. Try something like...
Looking for "keyword phrase"?
Find what you are looking for here!

5. In listing your keyword phrase, put it in brackets.
[your keyword phrase]
This will only show your ad when this exact phrase is searched for.

6. Put your maximum bid at .10 cents.

7. Make sure to only check the Google search button. This will make sure you only get Google traffic.

8. Monitor your results everyday and your average position ranking. You are trying for around the top 5, hopefully the top 3. Also keep tabs on your click through ratio. Ideally you want it around 10% or better. That means you are targeting the right traffic.

9. Check the results on the back end. are they clicking into your BANS store?

Hopefully that will give you a quick look at adwords without blowing a wad of cash. Ideally you should pick up around 200 or more targeted clicks into your store that should convert.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Over 125 Link Building Strategies

Came across this page a few days ago and bookmarked it. It is slightly outdated, but still very relevant as far as building links. It really stresses building backlinks slowly and very naturally. Some of the links are broken, but this article needs to be in your bookmarks.

I can not stress enough the need for original content as well. You will gain backlinks over time just by people linking to your content.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Build A Niche Store Sitemap

Today we are going to cover building a sitemap for your BANS store. Sitemaps help give the search engines a clear and easy path to follow and find all the pages on your Build A Niche Store website. If you are a newbie to this, I suggest this sitemap tool. It is very easy to use and I have been playing with it on a few of my stores. Make sure to save the output file as 'sitemap.xml' and upload it to your server and let Google Sitemaps know about it. You can also submit it to Yahoo and MSN as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

One way link building

Thought I would drop one more nugget before bed tonight. This will be a new tool for some and an old news tool for others. One way links offers links to directories that offer free one way links. Once registered you can track your process through submitting to these directories. A word of advice though, do not go crazy. Google hates tons of backlinks showing up too quickly. Do about 20 and wait a week or so. One way link building should be done slowly as to look natural. Make sure to change up you anchor text and try to get deeper level links as well to your interior pages.

Google Webmaster Tool for your BANS site

The Google webmaster tool is a must for a Build A Niche Store. Really a must for any website concerned with monitoring your performance in Google. It is easy and free to set up and will give you detailed info on your site. Should a Google penalty be incurred you will also get notified in the message section.

First after adding a new site you will see...

Click on Verify Your site...

Now you will see...

Choose add a meta tag from the drop down menu and copy the whole tag it gives you into the first section of the page, before the first . This is located in your templates section of your BANS store inside the header. After this has been done click the Verify button.

Next you will add a sitemap. We will cover this next in our blog.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Build A Niche Store BANS CSS color tool

Thought I would share a great BANS CSS color tool for some newbies wanting to easily change or create a different theme for their Build A Niche Store. You can easily change all colors of your header footer and borders. Make sure you back up your old templates before diving into this, especially if you are a newbie. This seems to work pretty good and my hats off to the site.

Build A Niche Store testimonial

Before I get too far along with this blog, I wanted to give you my own build a niche store testimonial.

I have played with tons of affiliate programs and stores over the years, some are hot at first and then cool. Some claim to be the best niche store software around. Some just are not user friendly. When I saw the build a niche store promo, I decided to jump in feet first after reading several pros and cons and reviews. It is by far the easiest way to build an eBay niche store. You can very easily build it around niche products. The developers are constantly upgrading the software and the service is second to none. My income continues to increase and I have devoted every single minute of free time to building more stores. This blog is a testimonial of my success and I plan on keeping you up to date on new ideas and secrets. Happy building to you all.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Make your site the authority on the product

I see time and time again new BANS sites pop up all over the net. Lots of them are very attractive with great design and have good to excellent optimization. The thing that most of these sites are missing is good solid content. Pretend that you did not have a store set up, would Google still find your site worthwhile? Probably not! If you sell big, greasy, blue widgets you site better be where people come to find info on those types of widgets. Tell people about the history of those widgets, tell them why your widgets are better than the green widgets. 400 word articles are a great start. Try adding one a week a week or so as you work on building other stores. Google loves authoritative sites. They will have no problem sending you the traffic you deserve if they think you will be the best place for the surfer to go. If you are not a writer you can find great, cheap content providers over at Digital Point. Now go sell those widgets.

My Million Dollar Wiki Page

Well i went out and bought a page on Million Dollar Wiki. It was only 100.00 bucks and I probably missed the buzz on it, but I think it could at the very least pay for itself within a year. It is a powerful keyword phrase so you never know. The page is Online Auctions. If it looks like zero traffic is going through it, I will use it to get my BANS stores spydered quickly. Lots of good keywords are left so if you have the means I would surely look into buying one.

A must have Free BANS Tool

I was going through my bookmarks and came across a link I think everyone should have. EBAY keyword tool of auctions that have ended on EBAY. You should really take a little time to play with this and learn how to drill down on some of the keywords. Last night alone I found a great keyword phrase to build my next store around. You always want to look back and see if there are constantly enough products you are focusing in on being listed as well. This tool is not a secret, just one that probably is lost in your bookmarks, as it was mine.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Why I use Blogger and you should to...

OK Mr. BANS guy, why do you use Blogger?

Many reasons why I use Blogger and you should too. First it is a free platform that is very easy to set up. Second it is owned by Google. Google loves it's own platforms and loves to spyder them and index links from the. This is very important when trying to get your BANS sites indexed quickly in Google. I think this blog took all of 5 minutes to get going. You can even put the platform on your own server if you feel the need to work it into one of your BANS sites.

Lending credibility to BANS

So who else can give a review of BANS? I submit to you the great Shoemoney and his review of the Build A Niche Store platform. I read Shoemoney's blog everyday and I suggest you do the same.

What is a Build A Niche Store?

Build A Niche Store is a website builder that lets you create your own EBAY affiliate store. It is very user friendly to set up and you can design your store around a single product or group of products in your niche. You get paid through Commission Junction monthly. I have been using Build A Niche Store for almost a year now and have been very happy happy with the program and the results. You can integrate your Google Adsense links or whatever other affiliate ads into your pages as well. This blog will be dedicated to making your BANS site better through tips and secrets.

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