Monday, January 31, 2011

Is It Shareable?

If you truly want to become an authority over time on an authoritative niche you might have, you need to ask yourself if the content you write is shareable or if people will share it. That is hard to explain until you see it in action and it is in action every day on Twitter and Facebook for starters. There are groups and followers of every imaginable niche out there, you just need to find them. They do exist. Some bigger than others, some smaller. Once you have a handle on your niche and research done, you can build the product pages. I must admit that these are not shared as much as articles and blog post are, but keep the reader in mind when building them. When adding articles and blog post later, make sure they fit a need, a search need and the content is the quality that others would share it. You can post this on Twitter and Facebook your self, perhaps on some group pages in Facebook even, but the true magic happens over time as others share it naturally. It does happen. Watch what type of content others are sharing in the niche? Videos? Toplist? Pictures? How to? You should get the drift by now. Sure you can build automated sites. I do, but my big, big money comes from several, several niches I am high in authority on and the content is VERY shareable. Look around. What is being shared in your niche on Twitter or Facebook?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

I get this question a few times a month, maybe more. It comes from both newbies and people that have been at this a while. Everyone wants to know the easiest way to make money online, but nobody likes the answer. It is funny how that works.

Everyone knows something about something. We all know how to do something most others don't. We all have favorite things we like to do. It may be bird watching, playing an instrument, cake decorating, keeping up with the television show Hawaii 5-0. You get the drift, I am sure. Do you blog about your favorite thing or things? Why not? Is it because you can't write? Please. I still can't write the way I want to. I am much better than what I was when I started though years ago. I have told the story plenty of times. I hated writing. My high school English teacher would be doing backflips right now if she saw me. You don't have the time? Please. If you don't have the time, you really need to start making some money so you can free yourself up some time. Give me a break. You don't make the time. You don't like to work? Stop reading this now.

If you have struggled to make money in this business, go back to step one and start building a site around what you like. Set up a Twitter and Facebook account for both and start following those that like the same thing as you do. Post EVERY DAY at least once. Yes, EVERY DAY! Share those links on Twitter and Facebook. Write interesting articles and rewrite the news associated with it. Get the drift? If you like the subject matter, it will be much more enjoyable. Post as if 1000 people are anticipating every post you make, write stuff others would like to link to and share with others on Facebook and Twitter. Become an authority on your subject if not already.

If you have not read and done the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog work book by Darren Rowse, you are missing out. It is easy to understand and easy to complete. Buy it, read it and do it. Stick with it and commit yourself to your blog or blogs. That my friends is the easiest way to make money. Many of you will not want to hear that though.

Monday, January 24, 2011

$20 Off Coupon Code For ReviewAZON Wordpress Plugin

I like to pass these along when I stumble over them. The ReviewAZON Wordpress Plugin is not new at all. It is a very powerful plugin I have used in conjunction with several other great plugins for some time now. The support and forum are fantastic as well. If you do not own this plugin or have not seen it in action ever before, you can watch the video below. There currently is a coupon code that will allow you to get this great plugin for $20.00 off the regular price. The coupon code is autoblogging. Make sure to update your cart after typing it in and you should see the discount applied before purchase. I do not know how long the discount is good for.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free WP Article Fetch Plugin

This may or may not be of use to you, but it is free and I like to give readers an alternative. The WP Article Fetch V2.0 is a free Wordpress plugin designed to rival ultimate content fetcher, caffeinated content and WP Robot. The power and ease of use this plugin offers will help introduce into the auto blogging arena field. Wp Article Fetch v2.0 allows you to create just a few hand full of post or thousands of targeted post. I doubt you will want to use this long term though as you get what you pay for sometimes and I have not looked at how clean the code is yet. A video is below on it and there is no opt in either. So try it and you might consider getting into WP Robot or Keywords To Websites after playing with it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

2 Left Feet With 10 Thumbs Attached

I live in a pretty perfect environment and setup for what I do and have developed a work ethic that not many can compare to. I am addicted to what I do and the lifestyle I live, but believe it or not I have un-perfect days. Thankfully they are few and far between, but they do happen. It feels like you have 2 left feet with 10 thumbs attached. Know the feeling? I am sure you do. It might be interruptions, technical errors, piss poor planning, sickness or whatever. These days happen. When I feel I am slap middle in one of those days, I try to push through it. If it gets worse, I get up and go take the dog for a walk or go lie down for a bit and listen to some music. I try to get my mind right so-to-speak. It might take an hour or so, but I try to resume work from an easier starting point and choose an item on the long list I know damn sure I can accomplish. This might be as simple as home computer maintenance or updating a few plugins on some sites. My goal is to get back accomplishing task. Any task. When I knock out a few of these easy task, I then try to start back at the begging of the task I originally left off at to see if I messed anything up or did anything wrong and continue onward. If I still run into problems I just might wrap it for the day. It is amazing how a good night's sleep can make you get back your right foot and all of those thumbs disappear. Is today one of those days for me? Absolutely it is. This blog post is one of my little task I know I can complete and get me back on track. Thanks for listening and I hope this post will help you on an upcoming two left feet day that you might have.

Friday, January 14, 2011

SEO Moz On Site Age & Domain Name Registration Length

If you have 10 minutes, you will not be disappointed with the latest Whiteboard Friday video from Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz. Rand touches on site age, domain registration length and age of backlinks and his answers are very encouraging for those of you that may be new or just getting back into the swing of things. Rand points to recent chatter on the forums about these very subjects as the reason for readdressing these topics and talks in a very understandable manner. Rand is one of my favorites in the business to learn from and I owe quite a bit of my success to things I have learned from him along the way. This is a great video and dispels several myths at the same time.

SEOmoz - SEO Software

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SEO Checklist For The Social Media Marketer

A bit under the weather tonight as the weather pops back and forth to warm and cold. I hate this time of year down South. I wanted to make sure I passed on this absolutely great post by jennita on SEO Moz in which she gives a complete SEO checklist for the Social Media Marketer. Read it slow as it might be tough to digest if you are new, but she does a great job explaining the why and the why nots. As you should already know by now, Google and Bing use Twitter and Facebook to influence regular search results. If you are using Twitter and Facebook in certain niches, especially ones you might be or close to authoritative, this will certainly help. I have to admit that I am using Twitter more and more as a search engine for timely updates of news and recent blog post. This is a great post and worth book marking.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Affiliate Recruit Wordpress Plugin

I have not quite formulated a plan yet for this free Wordpress plugin I have stumbled upon, but I have a few ideas. The free plugin is called the Affiliate Pro Plus plugin and lets your registered users get credit for new users they recruit by sending people to any url on your wordpress site with ?affid=username appended to the end. This could be for a contest perhaps via Twitter or Facebook and might be a great way to have a traffic promotion. I think you can probably come up with several uses for it. I have not used it yet, but the description claims members can be redirected to any page you want when logging in while admin users will not be redirected. You can also see who has been referred by whom and how many new members have been referred by each user on the user list. Of course this will not be a practical plugin for every site you run, but it is worth bookmarking and playing with should the need ever arise.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Building Coke Machines

This time of year you always see people making a push to get back going in the business as the New Year has that effect on people. I would like to offer those just getting back in the groove an analogy of sorts.

I was luckily raised to never 100% depend on a job. I was mowing grass and collecting soda bottles at a very early age not only for my own spending money, but to help the family as well as we were not well off. I was taught though to always look for multiple outlets of income and never be opposed to doing multiple things to bring in money. At a very young age of about 8, I was a helper to a guy that owned a few coke machines and always helped put the bottles in the machine when I would catch around the grocery store. We lived right caddy corner to it and I always rode my bike around it looking for bottles. That man taught me years ago that each of his machines worked while he was not there and installed the duplication process in my head as a way to earn money. Those machines of course would need to be fixed every now and again and needed to be refilled, but for the most part, they earned money without him needing to be around.

You can relate niche sites to the same lesson. Not every site you build needs to be one that needs to be attended to daily. I have a handful that I tend to daily, but I also have a much larger group that needs attention only twice a month. Now not every site brings 100 plus bucks a day of course, but many earn at least a buck or better a day and many more do even better than that. Sure, I have my golden coke machines that you could say sit outside a Wal-Mart and some that sit outside a corner grocery. The more coke machines you put out though, the more you will learn how to get them closer to a Wal-Mart and not near a corner store. There will be occasions even as you get better that you will swear you put one out front a Wal-Mart only to find out the Wal-Mart moved. See the picture?

The best thing about these coke machines is you can build and design them anyway you want and most only cost around 10 bucks to build (domain name). If you have a good hosting plan, the rent is cheap to place these coke machines everywhere you feel the need to. In addition, these machines can be changed and are not bolted the floor forever. The more of these you put out, the better you will get and the more money you will make.

This post has made me real thirsty. Off to get a coke. I hope you see the big picture.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WP Spin Wordpress Plugin Now Available

Click here to get WP Spin

Not going to bog you down with details here, but a few post back I told you about the new WP Spin Wordpress plugin that works in conjunction with The Best Spinner will be available for purchase soon. Well that day is here as it is now for sale for just $47 bucks. If you have used The Best Spinner, you know how awesome it is and can certainly see the benefits of this great plugin as well. Watch the video below if you are not clear what the plugin does. Also Mike is offering a 59 day money back guarantee as well. I bought it and it is as advertised.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Critical WordPress Update

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is hard at it already. The 2010 Christmas season was FANTASTIC. If you use Wordpress as a CMS, and I suspect many of you do, many are suggesting to update as soon as possible to version 3.04 that contains the fix that founder Matt Mullenweg calls critical. Supposedly there was a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that can be used to steal login information or other sensitive information from visitors to a particular site. The XSS vulnerability is similar to the one that affected Twitter users recently. You should get updated to version 3.04 as soon as possible.


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