Friday, November 20, 2009

Commission Ritual Review

I have been hit up by two of my readers as to my thoughts on Commission Ritual training product. I hadn't had a chance to get to it until today. I never had heard of Brian Johnson beforehand so that is both good and bad deepening on how you look at it. I laid down the money today regardless to see what it was all about.

The great thing about the program is it only cost you $4.95 to have a look. After 7 days if you like it, you are billed the rest. Very nice option as it shows he has faith in what is behind the door.

Inside you get a very detailed 121 page ebook that helps you follow along with 80 videos. That is not a mis-print! Over 80 videos and well done videos at that.

Now quite a bit of the videos are aimed at newbies who struggle with even setting up and installing Wordpress. So if you are new to Wordpress ingeneral, he has you covered in here. He also covers niche research, keyword research, site setup, content creation and the structure. His methods are not new, but a little mixture of everything out there along with common sense.

Why good thing is what he teaches is above level and not trying to game Google. He gives you a VERY detailed and well laid out plan to follow with a bit of a different twist. If you are in need of a structured course and plan, Brian has it in here.

Also thrown in are some 20 plus Wordpress templates and yes he even shows the newbies how to install these. I looked mostly at his meat and potatoes and believe you will profit from it. I intend to pattern the next site I build around his methods, but it likely will be in December some time. There are many ways to skin the cat in the business and his way is sensible and very learn-able.

In closing, for $4.95 you can see for yourself. I do not put my stamp of approval on many of these courses as many are just junk and trying to game Google without any pure methodology. You will see several things that I teach inside along with a few other things I never have touched on. Worth every dime in my opinion. Well thought out and laid out course.

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Tonya said...

Exactly as you described it. I was amazed at all of the videos.


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