Monday, November 3, 2008

Common Sense Is The Best Webmaster Tool Available

The days of keyword stuffing and manipulating the major search engines are long gone. Some will still tell you that keyword density is key, others will tell you to stuff your meta tags, while others will tell you to only acquire dofollow backlinks. what a bunch of malarkey. Google is growing smarter by the day, as are the other SERPS. You harness one of the best webmaster tools known to man, your own common sense. If a page sells "shoes for pet frogs", what do you suppose the surfer would search for in the search engines? Frog shoes? Pet frog shoes? Designer frog shoes? Let us for the sake of this example assume these 3 searches were terms that surfers were using while doing keyword research with the Google keyword tool. What would the meta title tag look like? Maybe:

Designer pet frog shoes for sale

or even

Frog shoes | Pet frog shoes | Designer frog shoes

What would the description meta tag look like?

We carry designer pet frog shoes for all sizes of frogs. New and used frog shoes available here.

In the first 100-250 words on the page, what would we try to convey in the content?

Perhaps the different types of frog shoes we carry and the different brands of frog shoes that we have? Sizing instructions to fit your frog for the perfect shoe?

Get the picture? Sure is simply, but we make it so hard. Lets go to off site SEO.

What would a backlink and anchor text look like pointing to that particular page?

Perhaps Frog shoes or Pet frog shoes or Designer frog shoes or frog shoes for sale

Yes this is overly simple broadbrush look at SEO, but if you use common sense as a starting point, you can refine things from there SEO wise. Stop counting your keyword density and start worrying if the page makes sense to the surfer and the search engines.

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