Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd Page Sniper WordPress Plugin Released

Todd Dickerson just released a new Wordpress plugin called the 2nd Page Sniper. I have only downloaded the plugin and plan to put it to work on a test site on Friday as I have way too much on my plate until then. The plugin goes hand in hand with this PDF he created called Beyond Link Building in which he describes his 2nd Page Sniping concept and introduces the plugin and how to use it.

In short, the 2nd Page Sniper logs all incoming search queries from Google, Bing and Yahoo to your website including the page that you are currently ranked on in that search engine. It will then display those links in the sidebar of your blog that it determines to be most likely to create significant ranking increases for with the greatest traffic potential. I should warn that with any plugin like this, you should experiment with it on a test blog before implementing in your entire network of sites. The concept is interesting, but once again I have yet to tackle it myself.

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Tom on October 7, 2010 at 9:12 AM said...

I do not wholly remember what plugin I used (about a year ago) that did a very similar thing and it did seem to work. However, it started adding links to its own projects (not the plugin) at the bottom of my site links that it created.... without request or permission or the option to remove.

Now - it was free, but the link was 'dropped' without much notification - so I did get rid of the plugin.

If this plugin works like the other - then, like I said, I did see some results (ie rank #11-12 moving to 6-7 on page 1)


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