Thursday, August 14, 2008

Periods Of Intensity

I plan on having a bit of fun with the Friday post, so I had a note to post another nugget today that I read last night. In the welcome back thread on the BANS forum that I started yesterday, Kelvin made an interesting statement that I really related to.

I prefer periods of's the drone of routine that I can't stand!

This is so me and it needs to be so you as well. I get so absorbed in stores, projects, scripts and templates that it absorbs me and I love it. I often times forget to eat and use the bathroom as well. LOL. You really need to make niche store building your passion and need to make sure you set aside as many "Periods of Intensity" that you can. You need to eat, drink, sleep your online success. Always and I mean always be doing something and moving forward. Break your routine of nothingness and start and finish a new or existing project.

I'm thinking of getting that phrase tattooed on me. If only I could get my wife to let me have another one.

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