Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle Should Inspire All Of You

I kept wondering who was Susan Boyle and what all the buzz was about. I do not watch much TV, especially not any of the reality TV shows, but I kept getting the link to the Youtube video in my email so I finally watched it. It goes to show that there is something special in each and every one of us and if you set your mind at something you can achieve it or get closer to it with more and more work. From newbie to veteran niche site builder, we all have higher levels we can achieve if we only apply ourselves more. If you are struggling in this business, you should use the Susan Boyle video as a pump you up rallying cry. Keep learning and applying yourself towards your goal and your income and success will rise. I tip my hat to the Susan Boyle's all over the world, keep your head up and keep pushing onward. Do not let anything stand in between you and your dream.

Link to video

LA TIMES article

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