Monday, August 25, 2008

What Not To Add To Your Niche Site

I have had a few recent emails asking about a few Wordpress plugins that add automated content to your site. Caffeinated Content is one of the main ones I get questions on asking my opinion and Wordpress Direct is the other one. I could easily put up a referral link to try to make money off of these, but would not be able to sleep at night if you spent money on them. I have bought and reviewed Caffeinated Content and used the trial version of Wordpress Direct and can only suggest that neither is in my business plan of building niche sites. All most of these plugins do is produce a spam blog or splog, if you use todays buzz word. The only type content pages that should be used on your site should be pages that use unique original content. I write a ton of my own content and also use Need An Article for the other portion. Surfers need to be engaged through the content and then given the option to buy through your BANS store or other store listings on site. If you have to create automated, scraped content from Yahoo answers or other ezine articles, you are doing yourself and your store a disservice. Your niche site should be the authority on the niche. You can write reviews on products, provide links and post on industry related news, include history articles on your products manufactures and etc. The more unique your site is the more linkable it becomes and will over a course of time pick up natural backlinks which Google adores. Do not fall into the lazy trap of letting a spinner or content scraper plugin do the work for you. There are no short cuts to a fantastic, mega earning niche site. Surround your store with unique original post and content and reap long term benefits from it.

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Randy said...

I got suckered into the hype of the CC plug in myself. I have to edit so much that I could of spent the same time writing my own articles.

Bill on August 25, 2008 at 4:57 PM said...

I disagree with you on CC. If you use it like a SPLOG then it will be a SPLOG but if you use it to pull questions that you then answer with your own unique post then it's unique content.

I also like it to pull keyword targeted YouTube videos as well. I always incorporate 100 words or better along with the video. Sure I could find the same stuff manually but the CC makes it FAST and it also gives you an insight into the types of questions users want the answers to.

It's like any tool...if you use it as as shortcut then it's not worth crap, but if you use it as a tool to get you to the end result then it can be a huge timesaver.

I do not use it as a splog, and never will.

soggy on August 25, 2008 at 5:57 PM said...

Bill, We will have to agree to disagree on this, I respect your thoughts but can not recommend the product based on my review of it. Much continued success to you.


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