Saturday, September 6, 2008

11 Ways To Be Non Engaging

I thought I would make a list of 11 ways to be be non engaging to the eBay partner network program.

Be careful... SARCASM ahead!

1. No Original Unique Content - This is the easiest way to be non engaging. Just throw up an out of the box BANS store and let it fly. This will make you a thin affiliate doorway site and offer no value to the surfer or the internet.

2. Hide That You Display Ebay Listings - Everyone who reads this blog knows I am a big fan of not hiding that I list eBay auctions. Some people will be turned off and leave right away because they do not like or trust eBay. Let them know up front. Show the "Now On eBay Logo" and if you need to, put a disclaimer that you are an eBay affiliate.

3. Cloak Those Links - I know, I know, you got a letter from EPN or PJ saying it is OK to cloak. Yada yada. Cloaking is not being honest and is not engaging. If you feel different, be my guest and cloak away.

4. Standardize Your BANS Look - Make sure you do not stand out as different. Try to look just like the other 1000's of other BANS stores out there.

5. Put Your Ebay Store Listings On The Home Page - Forget about using that space for keywords and info on what surfers can find at your store and easy navigation to where they really want to go. Just be in their face like a used car salesman.

6. Do Not Review Hot Items With A Blog Post - God forbid you let them know how good a product is and get them really revved up to buy.

7. Put Up Standard Navigation - Do not easily organize eBay listings by category. Make it hard and confusing for the surfer to find exactly what they need. Just take your chances and let them use the search feature. Who knows, they may find it.

8. Do Not Optimize For Long Tail Searches - Someone looking for limited edition red fuzzy short steel widgets is probably just curious about them, they would never buy if they found them easily.

9. Do Not Give Them Other Ad Alternatives - If they do not like your eBay stuff, make an automated popup that says GET LOST! Tell them you do not want any of their money.

10. Make Your Site Look Like Las Vegas - Instead of giving them a few alternatives to shop elsewhere, put up as many banners as you can get your hands on. 100 is too few. If you need to put up banners of products not even related to meet the 100 quota, so be it.

11. Never Never Respond To Customers - Ignore people who send emails or comments via your site. Responding to their questions or comments will surely waste minutes of time you could use to add another 100 banners.

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Taoski on September 8, 2008 at 3:37 PM said...

Great list Soggy!

I did get confused as to wether I should or should'nt be doing them though!!! But thats just me being stoopid!


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