Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Story Behind My Twitter Page Background

I have gotten a few emails asking about the logo background on my twitter page, so I thought I would dedicate a post to it. In the summer of 2002 I lost my best friend to colon cancer. Other than my wife he was my only true friend I have had my entire life. I met him my freshmen year of high school and he was a grade ahead of me. Through my reckless teenage, early adult years and onward he was always there for me. I would always put him in tough spots in bars during my drinking years and he would always stand up with me. He was the best man in my wedding and I was his for his wedding. His battle with cancer was not very long. He was diagnosed on Valentines day 2001 and was gone in a year and half. During his eulogy the pastor described him with just one word, "Intense". That he was, always intense. The symbol is a hybrid version of the Kanji symbol for the word "Intense" that I designed. His favorite colors were blood red and black. On the first year anniversary of his death I had it tattooed on my left arm in memory of him as I was his right hand man and he was always on my left hand side. So it is indeed a very sacred symbol to me and I use it to draw intensity into my own life as well. Whenever I feel my self losing drive, all I have to do is look at that symbol and it fires me back up. So now you know the story behind it. One week from today would of been his 41st birthday.

Chris if you read this, I miss you buddy.

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Anonymous said...

soggy ~ thanks for sharing this and for honoring your friend, Chris, like this. It's a great reminder for me to value my "true" friendships ... and never take them for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and relationships with those who we love are more important than we can imagine. I'd hate to lose someone to truly understand that. I'm sorry for your loss ... I can't even imagine losing my very best friend (Paul). *huGs* to you! Suzanne

Luckiglenn on December 14, 2008 at 3:42 PM said...

I just stumbled over BANS and then you..
Very touching story. I am in the cancer business... www.dvssmartmarker.com. I was part of the startup that has developed a sensor we put in the body of a cancer patient.. to measure how much radiation they receive.. We finally have FDA approval and a code for reimbursment..
I posted because I hear stories like yours every day from people who have lost loved ones.. and I wanted to acknowledge yours.
I have many questions about your experience with BANs but will plod through your post.. I will be back in touch.. I have a couple of niches that I think are perfect for BANS.

Glenn Seymour
Raleigh NC


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