Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Link & Traffic Analysis & Popularity Contest Wordpress Plugins

I am on a roll writing content today and have pocketed 20 reviews/articles thus far. I didn't want to interrupt my strong momentum flow going right now, so I will make this short and sweet and defer you to a post by Ann Smarty on Search Engine Journal. Ann takes a closer look at 2 plugins you may not be aware of. The 1st is the Blog Link & Traffic Analysis Plugin, that was even new to me. I think I came across an earlier version of it, but just put it on the busiest site of mine to give it a work out. The 2nd I have used for a while and it is the Popularity Contest Plugin for Wordpress. Don't install these just to install these. Have a purpose for them and use them. You do not HAVE to have them, they are tools, but damn good ones.

OK, back to content writing, I am obn track to write about 40 pieces today. Some days it just flows easy. Today is one of those days. Go write some of your own today. Do it.

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Ryno said...

good job on the content writing dave. let me ask you this.... when you get a large amount of articles written for 1 particular site, do you schedule them to post at certain times or do you just post them all at once?

soggy on April 21, 2010 at 5:14 PM said...

Usually spread them out over a couple days, but not married to that. Just depends how much I have to do and if I do images, video and etc. Google will not penalize you for adding new content all in one day. I do them as I get to them really.



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