Monday, January 17, 2011

2 Left Feet With 10 Thumbs Attached

I live in a pretty perfect environment and setup for what I do and have developed a work ethic that not many can compare to. I am addicted to what I do and the lifestyle I live, but believe it or not I have un-perfect days. Thankfully they are few and far between, but they do happen. It feels like you have 2 left feet with 10 thumbs attached. Know the feeling? I am sure you do. It might be interruptions, technical errors, piss poor planning, sickness or whatever. These days happen. When I feel I am slap middle in one of those days, I try to push through it. If it gets worse, I get up and go take the dog for a walk or go lie down for a bit and listen to some music. I try to get my mind right so-to-speak. It might take an hour or so, but I try to resume work from an easier starting point and choose an item on the long list I know damn sure I can accomplish. This might be as simple as home computer maintenance or updating a few plugins on some sites. My goal is to get back accomplishing task. Any task. When I knock out a few of these easy task, I then try to start back at the begging of the task I originally left off at to see if I messed anything up or did anything wrong and continue onward. If I still run into problems I just might wrap it for the day. It is amazing how a good night's sleep can make you get back your right foot and all of those thumbs disappear. Is today one of those days for me? Absolutely it is. This blog post is one of my little task I know I can complete and get me back on track. Thanks for listening and I hope this post will help you on an upcoming two left feet day that you might have.

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Anonymous said...

I just had that day too. Couldn't believe the coincidental timing of your post!


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