Monday, January 31, 2011

Is It Shareable?

If you truly want to become an authority over time on an authoritative niche you might have, you need to ask yourself if the content you write is shareable or if people will share it. That is hard to explain until you see it in action and it is in action every day on Twitter and Facebook for starters. There are groups and followers of every imaginable niche out there, you just need to find them. They do exist. Some bigger than others, some smaller. Once you have a handle on your niche and research done, you can build the product pages. I must admit that these are not shared as much as articles and blog post are, but keep the reader in mind when building them. When adding articles and blog post later, make sure they fit a need, a search need and the content is the quality that others would share it. You can post this on Twitter and Facebook your self, perhaps on some group pages in Facebook even, but the true magic happens over time as others share it naturally. It does happen. Watch what type of content others are sharing in the niche? Videos? Toplist? Pictures? How to? You should get the drift by now. Sure you can build automated sites. I do, but my big, big money comes from several, several niches I am high in authority on and the content is VERY shareable. Look around. What is being shared in your niche on Twitter or Facebook?

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