Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Notes From The Tuesday September 1st EPN Webinar On QCP

Steve Hartman and Will Martin-Gill hosted the second webinar related to the EPN (eBay Partner Network) new QCP (Quality Click Pricing) Pay out structure for the affiliate program. While we really did not learn anything really new a few things were clarified so below are a few of the notes I took in case you missed it.

Questions to ask your sites:

1. Does my website provide a good, clean experience which could lead people to be interseted in making a purchase?

2. Is the website that I am putting ebay advertising on a good fit for eBay?

Below are some other items I notated:

It was mentioned that with the small range of dates thus far, you might not be seeing the long range value reflected into your ECP (earnings per click). Give it a while and a larger range of dates to make a complete analysis. Short and long range value are important to the EPC.

No rash decisions will be made in terminating affiliates with a low EPC. Early on it will be more on a case by case basis.

Impression pixels are not manditory, but should be considered in the future to provide better tracking.

The same metrics will still be made available in the transaction downloads.

BINS (buy it now items) and auctions are weighted differently in the QCP EPC.

EPN is still ramping up bot filtering and looking for new bots all the time.

The range of EPC for better affilites is between .07 & .21 cents.

Some new blog post mentioned:

Customer Testimonial - Harmjan Heeling

Beginner’s Guide to Germany

In closing, I think a better date range will give a better look statiscally of what your true EPC really is as the number could go higher if the value of the surfer fits what EPN is looking for. I highly suggest patying attention to the EPN forum and blogs on a daily basis to see more specific questions and answers.

All in all it remains you should be targeting your traffic with unique quality content and engaging them to look at eBay to buy the items you are focusing on. Stay upfront of where you are sending the surfer. The more targeted and engaged, the better chance you have at increasing your EPC.

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