Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Products & Ads Above The Fold

I was asked a question by email last night from a newer blog reader who wanted to know what "above the fold" meant. I thought I would address it to give some clarity on it and how it relates to your niche sites.

The fold refers to the section of a web page that is visible to the surfer without having to scroll. The fold will vary on a site depending on the resolution settings on a visitor's screen and the type layout or template you are using. When a surfer arrives to your site, you will want to try your best to have the most important ads or product listings visible to the surfer without them having to scroll down. This is pretty basic stuff from a web advertising point of you, but is also over looked quite a bit. Niche site builders have a tendency to become blind to the basic things, I do it myself on certain site characteristics myself.

If you have a page with a ton of unique content on the page, odds are it is pushing the product listings or ads below the fold. If need be, list your product listings in the middle of the content between heading changes or paragraphs. Make sure to check each page in both Explorer and Firefox and in different resolution settings on your home computer. You should be able to tweak everything to the point where most users will see the ads or products above the fold.

Below is a link to the statistics of most commonly used screen resolution settings of internet users.

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