Monday, September 7, 2009

Research, Research, Research

Everyone wants to get a new site up in running in the quickest time possible and start earning money. They want a push button cash machine in a matter of hours. Unfortunately in the online world of affiliate marketing it just does not work that way, especially if you want long term residual income. One of the biggest missed factors you see in the N1WAY BANS Guide is the research factor. Not only the research of keyword phrases, but product research, sell through research, advertiser research and competition research.

Sometimes you will find that a niche just might not be a match for EPN, but it does not mean you can not match it to another affiliate program. Have a good look at the competitors you will be competing against in the niche, have a look at the ones that not only rank well, but the ones that are advertising via Adsense and other PPC programs. Where are they sending their traffic? What kind of keyword focus do they have? What kind of onsite content?

You can never do too much research, take your time and examine EVERYTHING, before just diving right in on a whim. It will truly open your eyes.

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lumme on September 7, 2009 at 11:33 PM said...

Hi - and thanx for your great blog! Educating and interesting reading, almost every day!
Do you have a suggestion for a good step-by-step guide to make a good, SEO- and content-"friendly" site? Seems to be a bunch out there, some are probably good ones, and some are just making money :)


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