Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazon Has The Trust

It is no secret that Amazon is very iconic and very trusted in the eyes of web consumers now. Their affiliate program was once frowned upon in the early days because of the short cookie. I am proud to say that this month, Amazon will take over the lead for my income over EPN and Adsense. I have been conscious over this last year to alleviate the direct pressure off of sites that were mostly living off of EPN without losing the EPN income. I have long owned and used the PHPZon and ReviewAzon plugins and just made sure to use them more in the forefront with EPN. The results have been amazing and the EPN earnings on those same sites have hardly suffered in the process. I am also working on slowly fazing out EPN on sites where the conversion rates are extremely high on some sites as it is stupid to give an option that produces less income when another produces more income at a better rate. This is not every site mind you, but the obvious ones are quite obvious. These type sites are your basic type sites that are built close to the way it is taught in the niche site guide. Nothing fancy, just using the basics along with great content. Amazon is not going anywhere and people trust it. Have you integrated it enough into your own sites? Have you tried adding it to sites using EPN. You might be surprised at the results.

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Matthew Rizos on October 28, 2010 at 8:20 PM said...'re a better copywriter than me...It takes me about 300 clicks before I make a sale on Amazon...frankly that just blows me away.

Why would you click on a link that goes to amazon and then not buy. It just seems weird.

I provide the real deal review and

I guess my sh*t is just too expensive. 32-55 inch LED TV's. I pull in 1-2 grand/mo of the users that do decide to buy, but I still feel that nagging feeling that Amazon needs to keep working on their end of the conversion process.

Anyway...I'm just a complaining b*tch today.

Congratz to you Dave. Happy Holloween!!!

soggy on October 28, 2010 at 8:37 PM said...

Lots of times the niche & price can indeed make the difference. Hang in there. Hopefully you have are not dependent on just one type niche. Not everyone I do is a homerun either, but I am getting better at increasing my odds.



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