Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 2010 Big Money Maker Affiliate Programs

As 2010 winds down here are the affiliate companies that have done me the best in 2010 in no particular order.:

Amazon - I took a ton of pressure off of EPN in 2010 and it paid off greatly. Good targeted sites will convert that one day cookie. Great plugins like the PHPZon Wordpress plugin make it easier than ever to earn with the Amazon affiliate program.

Google Adsense - I doubled my 2009 Google Adsense income in 2010. What more can I say? I am very happy with the program and have a good understanding of what sites it works best on. I could live of that income alone.

Ebay Partner Network - Although no longer my top earner by choice by taking the pressure off of it and diverting it to other programs, I learned how to best maximize the EPN QCP model to my liking. It remains a solid way to earn money, especially using the PHPBay plugin by Wade. Program has earned me a ton of money over the years. Still love it.

Share-A-Sale - This affiliate company does not get enough recognition, but represents some great companies that convert fantastically. If you have not signed up and looked around at what they offer, you really should.

Commission Junction - I have been with these guys for a long time. I have a few companies that I represented for years that do very, very well for me. No complaints.

Clickbank - Great company to sell ebooks on. Easy to manage. I do a ton with this blog and another MMO blog that I run with them as well. Never had a problem with them.

Google Affiliate Network - They get more and more new companies every week it seems like. I have a few favorites with them.

Pepperjam - They have had their struggles, but I have a few sites that do well with a few of the companies they affiliate manage.

Linkshare - Same as Pepperjam really. What I do point their way, does convert.

Neverblue - Just really scratching the surface with these guys, but got several checks in 2010 from them. I want to try to use more of their stuff in 2011.

These are really just my major ones above and I use another handful of companies as well. Webmaster Magazine has a great article in the January 2011 issue of the top 50 advertising and affiliate networks for 2011. Worth a glance.

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lrbee on December 20, 2010 at 11:19 AM said...

Thanks for the run down on your top affiliate earners. This is the kind of information that those of us who are new or who are struggling a bit really appreciate.
Thanks again Soggy and Happy Holidays to you!

Mike said...

Dave I am always impressed by your understated modesty. When I spot hidden away in this article that you could live off adsense income alone I must offer unreserved congratulations. I wish I was half as successful and would love to learn your system.

For example I have tried Amazon (phpzon and reviewazon) and got nowhere with it. What is the secret of your success? I know you work incredibly hard but what specifically are the steps you follow. I'd love to hear those.

I do actually make a full time living doing this myself but I just seem to stand still. Have earned the same for the last 2 years despite working all hours and trying loads of different techniques.

soggy on December 21, 2010 at 5:46 PM said...

Are you getting traffic? Is the traffic clicking out? Are the niches too broad, too thin? How is the competition? As you can see, there are so many questions that need answering as I can not see what you are doing right or wrong. I do a lot of EVERYTHING. Thick, thin, original, auto. You name it. If you want to send over a site I will have a look, but shy away from one on one tutoring these days, as I am better served to spend every waking minute on my own stuff as I spin the circus plates from the time I wake to the time I go to bed. I am addicted to making money.


Mike said...

Having thought about this I think it's my link building strategy that sucks. I use socialadr, uaw, blog commenting and have just started to use article marketing robot. However, a lot of these links are very low PR. Any link building tools/suggestions you can share?

berryfine said...

Is there any books or reference material that can show how to start building a niche store and how the earn using the affiliate process


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