Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On The Money Title Tags

I recently finished some testing on a site that has high page rank and ranks very well for several main keywords and phrases. I wanted to test changing the title tag of a few pages to see how it would effect the ranking. Now this was not rocket science and I knew what the outcome would likely be, but I wanted to see it happen first hand. I singled out 6 pages and changed the title tags of the pages and nothing else. It took a few weeks for Google to capture all 6 pages, but as expected, all pages dropped way down from the number 1 spot that they had.

Your title tag should be reflecting what you are trying to rank for, it should be clear and specific as well. Often times simply reworking a sites title tags to better chase lower volume keyword phrases can help a sites profitability almost instantly. I am finding this on a few of my earlier sites that I was shooting for the moon with as far as high competition phrases. Simply changing the title tags of some of these pages to better attack longer keyword phrases with less competition has helped these sites out tremendously.

Have you looked at your title tags lately?

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