Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Stop Panning Once You Find Gold

I surely was not alive then, but I am pretty sure when the California Gold Rush started and forty-niners were panning for gold, that they did not stop panning or switch locations once they found a nugget. They probably panned even faster and had the woman, children and family dog panning in close proximity. Surely where there was one gold nugget, more was close by. The same goes with niche site building.

I am blessed with a love for stats and gifted at reading them. I devote most of my Friday every week to pouring through stats. When I see a new site or an old site strike a gold nugget, I am quickly on top it. This is easily spotted by a huge uptick in sales in the niche or a new niche that is finally seeding well and developing strong organic traffic.

I try to dig fast to see what is being bought, the demographics behind the visitor and where they came from. I will then create more content or blog post on whatever site it is as well as increasing the syndication as well of the site if it is not already fully syndicated. I look at my keywords coming in to see if I can expand on them or better formulate the content to cast a broader net. In addition I try to see if anything is going on trend wise in the news or related media to have caused it.

Many times all that is needed is more content, perhaps new models have been released or new brands. The site is obviously doing something right, it just needs more of it. It is our job to continue to pan to find out what that something right is. Don't rest on your laurels, pan faster.

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