Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do You Suffer From Main Keyword Tunnel Vision?

I helped a reader out today by looking at a few of his sites for him to point him in a better direction. He suffers from what so many of us have suffered from at one time or another and that is keyword tunnel vision as I like to call it. Keyword tunnel vision is when you focus too much on just one or too keyword phrases or just a small sampling of keywords as targets that you fail to reach just over your head and grab the easy low hanging fruit or complimentary keywords one would expect to also find on site.

Now by no means does this mean that you should not have a few primary keyword targets that have good search numbers and hopefully low competition, but do not let it end there. The more you target, the more you have out there that are likely to hit. The wider the site, the larger the funnel. Does this mean that five page sites or even one page sites can't earn well? Absolutely not, but the newer you are in this business, the wider you ought to be and the larger the cast net you should have. The better you get at keyword research, the better you will get at building narrower sites. Been there, done that and you will too. Don't get caught up in the old method of just targeting one phrase per page. Have a main target along with a few complimentary sub targets. Use common sense when deciding if it fits on the page, not search engine sense. Stay away from keyword tunnel vision as it will blind you.

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