Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goal Setting Time Again

Wow! I can barely take a breath. What a fantastic month this has been. Hope yours is going just as well. This time of year is when I start putting my goals down on paper for the upcoming year. It usually takes me a week to get everything I want listed, not only financially but personally. I am a very goal oriented person and believe it contributes greatly to my success. I set my goals high business wise to push me. I make them what I feel to be obtainable, yet will push me to obtain them. Last year I set them a bit too far out. I did not reach them, but came pretty close. You know who wins there? Me!!! I nearly had a 30% income increase over last year. Did I fail? You be the judge. If you set goals easy to obtain and that you know you will reach, what are you leaving on the table?

If you have never set goals before, now is the time. Different people have different methods they use on setting their goals. The biggest key in my opinion is to put them down on paper. Something magical happens in your subconscious when you write them. It is if you are etching them on your brain. There are different exercises all over the web you can search for on goal setting. Find a method that fits your style and do it. You owe it to yourself to have a target to shoot out. My goals are one sentence statements and usually are a full page worth.

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Anonymous said...

Hi dave, not sure if you have posted about this before but I would be interested in seeing what actions you take on a daily and weekly basis to achieve these goals. Thanks, Robert


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