Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things I Don't Do

I contribute a ton of my success in making money online to things that I do not do. They are really simple things, things that you may do, that will free up more of your time and make you more productive.

I do not watch much television, except for Sundays during the football season. I block out about 8 hours on that day and get all work done before and after that. It is the only real mindless R&R time I take during a week. During the week I might watch a total of an hour a day. Maybe!

I do not drink alcohol. I quit drinking years ago. Alcohol causes you to be unproductive. I drink coffee instead and tons of it.

I do not get caught up in the social traps of the world. Talking on the phone, going to parties etc. The only social stuff I do is connected to social media and working my niches.

I do not sleep in. Unless I am sick, I am up early every morning. This is my business and I am on time every day.

I do not handle the accounting and household bill paying. My wife handles every bit of that. I send her my numbers and she takes care of everything else.

I do not check revenue stats every 5 minutes. I schedule times of days throughout the week to do these task. I can tell by quick glance if everything is going fine.

I do not go to bed while in the middle of a task. I go to bed when it is completed, even if it is 3 in the morning.

I do not get caught up in family drama. All of my family knows my wife and business comes first. They know better than to bother me with trivial stuff.

What types of things do you not do that helps you to succeed and be more productive?

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Anonymous said...

I quit TV and haven't owned one for 20 years and don't miss it one bit. In fact, when I am around it I find it quite aggravating. It makes me mindless. I instantly became a more productive person without it. I do watch the Steelers on Sundays though at my parents, but that's about it! It seems like an impossible thing for most people but seriously, it's not that great. It's such a time waster and it's not even "entertaining" unless you're into commercials and crappy laugh track comedy!


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