Thursday, February 25, 2010

Confusion With Twitter & EPN

I had a very confused BANS user contact me in regards to using Twitter as a means of promoting their niche and BANS site. They were under the impression that using Twitter will get you canned from EPN (ebay Partner Network). Let me clarify a few things as told to me by my EPN account manager a while ago. You can use Twitter to promote links to YOUR sites, you can not use Twitter to post links to products on eBay that include your affiliate code. Yes, yes, I know. You see tons of people on Twitter promoting links that include their affiliate code and go straight to ebay. I see them as well. All I can say is the end is near for them. Many likely are already terminated as most are automated feeds set to post into the users Twitter account. Twitter is full of those. The same goes with any site you do not own like Blogger or a free hosted blog. If the domain name is not registered to you, you can't post Ebay products on it. The exception right now is Squidoo and Hubpages at last check, but you must already have an approved EPN account to use these. You should read up on both of these sites rules and regulations first before using though.

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