Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Many Distractions, So Little Time

I love working on the web. I live for it and can't wait to get out of bed every morning. It is like getting paid to do something I do for free. Unlike most, I do this full time for a living and by full time I mean 80 plus hours a week. Sometimes 100 plus. Guess what? Sometimes it still is not enough time to get done with the goals I set for myself everyday. I can't imagine how tough it is on a newbie these days as it seems so long ago. Every message board has a new method or addon to try and we all get bombarded with fantastic spam that beckons our attention. A newbie must really wonder some times where to start or turn. It is easy for even me to get sidetracked on occasion. I do however set aside time to beta test for a few developers, whether it be platforms, plugins and tools, but I am good at catching myself wandering too far off track. When I catch myself being distracted, I get up and grab a cup of coffee and my daily punch list and usually sit out in the Florida room for 15 minutes or so with my trusted side-kick Westie right at my side. I read over my list and mentally scold myself for getting too far off course for the day. I shut my eyes for about the last 5 minutes and mentally escape everything. After that I find myself better focused and can jump right back into my work. If you are not full time in this business, I highly suggest you stick with the basics until the light comes on. You have so little time and there are so many distractions just waiting to throw you off course. Stick with the meat and potatoes as there will always be time for the bells and whistles later on. OK, maybe not a ton of time.

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