Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google Uses What They Want As An Index Description

This is by no means earth shattering news, but several of you still may not know it. Your meta description tag is not always used by Google in your index listing. Duh?! Perhaps you have seen this yourself. As Matt Cutts tells in the video below, Google reserves the right to list snippets of your on site text if it feels it is more relevant to the search returned.

The best way to TRY to get Google to use your meta description, is to write better description tags. Make sure they are the correct character length and are an accurate description of what is on site. Still try to use it as a "selling tag" as well to get the surfer to click your link instead of another in the SERPs. Regardless, Google will use what it wants to use and in due time, the description meta tag could go the way of the keyword tag. Just make sure your on page content is good and on target and your title tag reflects what is on page and what you are targeting. Write your description meta tags to the best of your ability and all will be fine.

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