Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using The Keywords To Websites Plugin As A Place Holder

I bought the Keywords To Websites Wordpress plugin right out of the chute when it came out and have been toying with several ways to use it best. First and foremost, it can build a several page site with a push of the button. Just put in the keywords and go. Obviously these sites are spammy and thin, but it can start the time clock ticking on a new domain as you get these pages indexed in Google. Ultimately what I think I will use it for is a place holder of sorts as I either write the content myself or farm it out to one of my 5 writers I use. I like 200-250 word product reviews, features and benefits type content and can compile it slowly and not get in a hurry with it. I can upload it as I get it back from writers or as I write myself and slowly transform the site over from a thin site to a thicker site over a 90 day to 120 day time frame. I can always use the Vice Versa plugin should I need to convert the post to pages and the redirection plugin should I need to 301 any URL's as well. In the mean time, if it makes some money, fine. My main priority is just getting the clock ticking on it in the search engines as I put no pressure on my sites to earn for the first 90 days as I have posted repeatedly before. I consider this plugin a great place holder plugin that takes no time to use other than keyword research and can be used as a stepping stone to turning a site into a real surfer friendly, money making site down the road. Or you can just use it as it was intended, the choice is yours.

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