Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WP Syndicator v1.4 Update Released

WPSyndicator Launches on Friday 13th August 2010

EDITORS NOTE: I did not realize that he is not releasing this plugin until August 13th to the public. I was fortunate enough to get it in the early beta testing stages and assumed it was now available to everyone through the affiliate program. Make sure to check back Friday and sorry for the confusion as I have received several emails from readers wanting to buy this, but can't yet.

The WP Syndicator version 1.4 update has now been released and tons of fixes have been made along with a few suggestions implemented. One of the biggest issues was inability to use certain Blogger blogs listed under one account. That has now been fixed and you can now choose which blog you want it posted to, now matter how many you have under one account. This is a huge fix. If you are using either the WP Robot Plugin or the Keyword To Websites Wordpress plugin as an autoblog or moderated autoblog, you might want to really consider the WPSyndicator plugin. If you are building a legitimate, 100% original content blog, you REALLY could use this to garner some traffic as well as links. Below are all of the features and fixes in the latest release.

Features - Auto blog compatibility mode - If you're using an autoblog solution that includes lots of [something=123] in the posts and need them stripped out of your syndication, just go to the config screen and check the box.

Blogger blog select - If you've got multiple blogs on your Blogger account you can now choose which one to use. Enter your Blogger username/password then go to the Blogger submenu to select.

Passwords hidden - Your passwords are no longer in plain text in the accounts screen, they are hidden in the usual password style.

Fixes - iconv library missing - A few uses are on hosting that doesn't have the iconv library. If that's you, you should no longer have a problem posting to Blogger.

Test buttons working - Some people had conflicting plugins that stopped the test buttons working. I've fixed it so they should work for all now.

No broken last word - Someone pointed out that the character limit often leaves half a word on the end of the syndication. Now it'll chop that part word off and only post full words.

Fixed anchor special characters - If you syndicated anchor text containing a character such as an apostrophe WPS was adding an extra backslash to it. That's no longer a problem.

CURLOPT_SETFOLLOW in safe mode - If your host runs everything in PHP safe mode then WPS was giving issues about not being able to set certain options. That's gone away now.

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