Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Multiple Sub Gmail Accounts

I forget who it was that asked, but I was recently asked about getting multiple email accounts with Gmail. Gmail at one time gave these away very freely and I have tons of these I set up over the years. It is not so easy to do these days as they want you to verify the account via a text message to a phone number. It is understandable why they do this as to eliminate SPAM boxes. You can't really blame them though.

What most do not know is you can set up sub accounts per say within a single gmail account. Let us say your main gmail account address is: and you want a sub account to use under it. You can add a + sign and then another name or word after it and create your self a sub account. Using the example above, it would be: and you can then click on Settings in your Gmail dashboard and click on Filters and then Create a Filter. If you enter in your new sub-account in the To: box and click Next Step you can apply a label or action of where you want email addressed to that account to go if you so desire. Play around with it. If you do not want to use any filters, that is fine too. Just open any email client and send yourself a test email using the + sign.

I do not remember what the limit is for these, I think 20, but have never needed that many. Either Thursday or Friday I will show you a neat trick I have been using for a while that you might want to see using a sub gmail account and filters. It's amazing and I could of sworn I posted about it before, but haven't. It must have been on one of the numerous forums I post on.

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