Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Everyday Is Great For Me

A reader emailed asking a few questions over the last few days and in the final email noted that everyday seems great for me. She hit the nail right on the head. Does that mean that everyday goes off without a hitch? Does it mean I never run into errors or problems? Absolutely not. The longer you are in the business, you learn to expect the unexpected as it is what makes this business so dang enjoyable and makes no two days exactly alike. I am a list maker, learned that excellent trait early on and have talked about often. There are things on my list from two years ago I have not gotten to and there are things I do daily that are like clockwork, with posting on this blog along with others as being part of those things daily type task.

I assure you, I have dentist appointments, I get sick and get the unexpected errors. There are so many moving parts in this business and life in general you have to be flexible. As an example, the whole internet, cable and phone all went down this morning on me. Right in mid-stroke. Right in the beginnings of a day that started off super productive. Now I have emergency means setup and available to get on the internet if it had been urgent, but it really wasn't that urgent. Instead I used the down time to sift through 3 hard drives and organize, delete and do some well needed housekeeping on them. In fact, one of those drives has been on my list for two years. Guess what? I scratched it off the list today. The internet is now back up and it has indeed been another great and productive day for me. Same as every other day. Off I go to finish my daily task.

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Christopher L. said...

I must admit you are the most constant person I follow of all the bloggers I read. You are always upbeat and on an even level. Not sure how you do it, but it sure must be nice. I appreciate you straight forward and honestest and how every post is not trying to push something.


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