Monday, June 16, 2008

How To Read The BANS & EPN Forums

This has been on my list to blog about for quite a while, but got pushed down by several other things that have popped up. This post might also offend a few people so be warned. It should serve as more as a wake up call and not taken personally. First, when reading the EPN forum, I highly suggest not spending too much time there as there is more junk then good there. If you are going there to look for reasons EPN is screwing you or reasons why EPN does not work, you should close your Build A Niche Stores now. You will never have the faith in your subconscious to move forward and do the things needed to succeed because you will never really trust the system. I myself only visit the EPN forum 2-3 times a week and basically am just looking for any updates that EPN might have or any successful things other EPN users are having. Secondly, when visiting the BANS forum, I would first start with any announcements that may have been issued concerning the BANS software. Then I would go into the traffic section to see what successes others are having with generating traffic. Lastly I would check the general talk section of the forum and skip over any of the threads that have derogatory tones. Also there are several knowledgeable posters on the forum and I would make sure you view the profile of your favorite poster or posters and bookmark that page. This way you can easily click on the link of that posters most previous post without having to go thread by thread. The forums can be a huge time wast sucker as well. Luckily I have 14 hours a day to dedicate to my business and break throughout the day to read and post. If you have a question, try to use the search feature to see if it has already answered as normally most have been in some way shape or fun. there is lots to learn on both forums and also even more things that will hamper or knock down your trust in BANS and EPN. The forums should be used as a tool for your business and should be treated as thus.

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