Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Made Mistakes Too - Top 5 List Of My SNAFUS

I know sometimes it seems that I can make it all look too easy as far as BANS store building is concerned, but let me assure you I made and still make mistakes myself. Plenty of them. Part of your development will be to make less mistakes over time and streamline your process of getting a new store launched, optimized and earning money. Here are a my early top 5 mistakes I made in my Build A Niche Store early days. See if you share any of these with me.

1. Store niches were too broad and I was trying to be everything to everyone. No research into the niche, I just dove right in.

2. No proper keyword targets were defined. I just threw up what I thought was a good title and went from there, built it by the seat of my pants and on the fly.

3. When I added content, I added other websites content. This will do you no good. If it aint yours, it really has no business on your site. If you read something you think will help your surfers, just link to it. It is your duty.

4. I did not understand proper anchor text use and how to apply it off site and on site.

5. Spent too much time on how the store looked instead of concentrating on how to gain organic traffic. It should be done the other way around, worry about getting recognized first and buff and polish the store second. Plenty of pretty stores never get seen.

That is just a quick glimpse as my list is a mile long. Everyone makes mistakes, but recognizing them early will save you a ton of time and head banging.

Sunday should be the second post in the Niche Store Student On Board Series. So stay tuned. Have a great Saturday.

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Manuel Merz on July 12, 2008 at 8:56 AM said...

Good points there Soggy. Glad to read about them. I have the problem with the look and feel on BANS all the time, hehe. I am a webdesigner so the stuff has to look nice and clean for me...

Mike - BANS Today on July 12, 2008 at 10:24 AM said...

Hi Soggy

Got to agree with you on the use of anchor text. I made plenty of howlers. I have the no. 1 viewed and published article in one niche category on ezine articles and the anchor text is my web address - what a waste.


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