Sunday, July 20, 2008

LSI Google Search Command & Quintura

The importance of using Latent Semantic Content (LSI) is a term you will need to be getting use to in SEO of websites. I dedicated an early post to it as well. Today I want to touch on a a Google search feature that will let you see terms that Google considers relevant to your keyword.


When typing the above in Google, you will see that bolded words including movie, film, MPEG, clip, films, video, videos, cinema and etc. These are words Google sees as relevant to the word movies. So instead of keyword stuffing the word movies in your webpage you could include these words as well to help let Google know what your site page is about.

Quintura is also a great tool to find semantically related words as well. Play around with both and the understanding of using LSI in web page building. Latent Semantic Content is here to stay, so I highly suggest you start building web pages this way.

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