Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Keyword Tool & Latent Semantic Indexing

As many know by now, Google has opened up and delivered a little closer look at search volume numbers with the latest update of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I know a lot of people are getting caught up in the numbers it delivers, but I want to use this post to delve deeper into the tool and latent semantic indexing. The link I just supplied you is an excellent read posted on SEO Book. Take the time to read it and understand it. Google is getting smarter by the day and is getting better at weeding out the keyword stuffers and spammers. This is great news for all white hat Build A Niche Store builders as well. LSI as we will call it, looks for relativity of words on pages and finding relations between terms (synonymy and polysemy). I will not rehash what is already written from the link I gave earlier, but do read it.

So how does the Google keyword tool help in this? If you are using it for phrases and even single keywords using even the broad search option and synonyms checked it will give you a glimpse of not only the longer tail phrases, but the words that are closely related to the search as well. Try searching for refrigerator using match type broad and make sure Use synonyms is checked. If you page down you will see the heading "Additional keywords to consider" with other terms listed without the word refrigerator in them. So lets see, Google is telling me to consider these keywords!!! Why? well Google has learned what is relevant to the word refrigerator. In theory (and I have seen this) you can rank high for various keywords and they not even be mentioned on that page.

Let me wrap this up into a tighter ball for you. You get tired of hearing this from me, but your BANS store has to have unique original content on it and I will go a step further that will tell you keyword stuffed original content is not what I am talking about. I am talking about natural original content or articles that contain your keywords you are targeting and many natural relative keywords as well. If you know and understand your niche, you should just write from the hip and natural as your knowledge on the niche and related words will flow through. Just write it for the web surfer first and for Google second. If you are in a niche you know nothing about and do not have the time to research it, I highly suggest NAA service. I highly highly endorse them and are letting them write more and more of my content. Content spinners and rewriter programs are not worth the risk in my opinion. If you do use one make sure it sounds natural and passes a uniqueness test. you will likely make so many edits that writing it yourself would save more time.

So use the new Google numbers, but also be aware of "Additional keywords to consider"! When Google tells me point blank to consider something, I take heed.

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Anthony said...

Wow. Great post. It is all starting to make a little more sense to me.


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