Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Niche Store Student On Board Series Post #4

Since we left off last with the Niche Store student, I knew this stage would take the most time. He also has a job to contend with and I do know it makes it tough. This is the stage where most Build A Niche Store builders drop the ball. The power of original content can not be ignored as it is the blood of the body. As you can see with the students Used Ham Radio Equipment site is still changing little by little. Flip through the store pages and you will see most are getting some content on them. Also the main page content has been revised and is original and keyword driven.

Stats wise, there is a trickle of organic traffic coming in now. Yahoo has re-indexed the front page while Google has not. Google has re-indexed several interior pages though.

Here are few things waiting to be tackled.

1. Finish each pages content.

2. Create a links/resource page linking to authoritative ham radio sites.

3. Start the backlinking process.

Like I mentioned he has a full time job and is under time constraints. Hopefully the backlink process can start this weekend and I will detail it thoroughly in the next post. You are starting to see how a BANS store should look like when it nears completion. Once the backlink process is through, we will concentrate a little more on a few more original content pages. If you are playing along at home, go back through your store page by page and see if it matching up to the students store.

If I were to be asked how long this store is away from a decent income, I would say 90 days for the shear fact that no backlinking process has started and Google has yet to reindex the whole site fully. Once the backlinks are placed the Googlebot will come back around more regularly. One positive note is he is up to #35 in Yahoo for the search term Ham Radio Sales, which is one of his target keyword phrases for the main page.

The next update I give will be after we do the backlink process and that is depending on how much time he has to dedicate to the site. Please read back through the earlier entries and as always PM or email me your questions on things you do not understand.

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Duane said...

Personally I would do things different with that site but the main thing I recommend is to move the products above the fold.

Keep the first 2 paragraphs at the top and move the rest to the bottom of the page. At the end of the first 2 paragraphs you could have some text "continued at the bottom of the page..." or something like that.

It's all good having unique content on the site but you need to get those products visible. Try it, you'll definitely make more sales.

Run some split tests and you'll see the difference.



soggy on July 24, 2008 at 10:04 AM said...


Hang with me on this. Your post does have merit. Have a look at more store pages as some products are visible above the fold. But trust me when I say what I am teaching works as well. There are many ways to eat the elephant. Especially in SEO and selling items online.

Duane said...

Once the site has settled down in the engines in a few months time you should try the split test I mentioned.

I understand where you are coming from and we all have our opinions, it's just a recommendation from what I've discovered from my own tests.

Good luck with it all.




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