Thursday, August 7, 2008

Niche Store Student On Board Series Post #8

I wanted to use this post to update where the student is at this point regarding earnings, traffic and another update on rankings. Since the revamping of the website, the used ham radio equipment store as earned in the neighborhood of $50.00. Not bad at all considering up to this point all that has been done is onsite SEO and some traditional link directory submissions and social bookmarking. Traffic is still low as expected, but is producing high quality organic searches. Sometimes one gets so caught up in volume, when in reality, one should worry more about quality of traffic. Give me 10 actual shoppers over 1000 tire kickers every day. The student is submitting his first article written by NAA this afternoon. I will go over that process in an upcoming post, after it is accepted and cached by Google. One thing that is interesting is the geographical traffic the store is receiving. People all over the world use ham radios so it is not a shock. Hopefully in the upcoming BANS version there will be some geo targeting features that can better convert foreign traffic. Below is the updated rankings for the front page keywords we are targeting. As of right now the store is on page 1 of Yahoo for all 3 terms and in the top 20 results for all 3 terms in MSN. The Google rankings should slowly improve over time.

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Keyword Phrase / Search EngineGoogleYahooMSN
Ham Radio Supplies2696
Ham Radio Sales189420
Used Ham Radio EquipmentX53

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Tessa said...

Great series Soggy! I have really learned quite a bit from your blog.

soggy on August 7, 2008 at 10:48 AM said...

Thanks for reading Tessa.


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