Thursday, July 3, 2008

Phooey On The Summer Slow Down

It is that time of year again when the chicken littles of the niche store building process come out and spread the notion of Summer slow down. Let me first say that if you were tied to just one niche or one brick and mortar store, your niche could be affected. When you throw BANS into the mix, there is no reason to moan. You are not limited to anything except your own imagination. The truth is people continue to buy and sell things on eBay everyday. If they are buying, then you need to find what they are buying and put that item in front of them. You have an endless inventory of products right at your fingertips and a proven platform named eBay handling everything. My numbers in June broke all my previous monthly records and I only added one new store during that month as I was busy going back to neglected stores that needed attention. If you are blaming a season on not making any money, then you need a check up from the neck up. People still buy during the Summer and some niches even get better than normal, it is up to you to find those niches and get them in front of people. A very under utilized tool is the Terapeak service. this is one of the best paid services a Build A Niche Store user can have. Now go find those hot niches before Fall comes as I hear a Fall slow down is also on the way followed by a Winter slow down.

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