Friday, August 8, 2008

BANS Will Be Closed Monday and Tuesday Next Week

You should of received the notive this morning that BANS will be shut down on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I have been in constant contact with Kelvin and there are so great improvements coming. Below is the text of the email!

We wanted to let you know that we will be closing the whole of the
BANS website (forum and support centre included) on Monday 11th
August at 9am BST (UK time) and will be re-opening on Wednesday
13th August.

We have been working on making structural improvements to BANS (of
which the new support centre was the first) and this down time is
happening to enable us to implement these changes.

Comprehensive details will be sent out early next week but below is
a summary of the things that will be changing:

1. New site design.
2. New presentation of BANS on the main website.
3. New affiliate centre.
4. A re-work of the member area.
5. The inclusion of new templates.
6. The conversion of the forum from phpBB to vBulletin.
7. New forum sections.
8. A forum clean up including the deletion and moving of posts.
9. The introduction of forum rules.
10. An expansion of the technical knowledgebase contained inside
the support centre.

We have run tests converting the forum from phpBB to vBulletin and
the "carrying over" of both the forum threads and the registration
details is not a problem. Thus when BANS re-opens on Wednesday 13th
you will be able to log in to the new forum using your existing
username and password.

Until then enjoy your weekend and keep your eye out for further
details early next week.

Things are changing...

Kelvin and Adam

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jay said...

Soggy: How would you fix the problem of links working on first page of bans and not on second and third. This is with the cloak on. I know you dont like the cloak option. But how would you fix it. I am not a programer. The latest version was downloaded 4-9-08 version 3.0 full download. I see 37 different answers on their forums that conflict with each other. And the bans owners and support are on a nice vacation for the next two days. Thank you, Jay

jay said...

problem found and fixed


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