Thursday, August 21, 2008

How To Convert EPN Build A Niche Stores Over To Pepperjam

I have gotten a few emails on asking how to update existing EPN BANS stores over to Pepperjam stores. It is a very easy process.

1. Make sure you are already a member of Pepperjam. If not you can sign up here.

2. Once approved you will be issued an affiliate ID number. You will need this number after converting over your stores.

3. Search for the eBay affiliate program once approved and click join. Follow the on screen instructions.

4. Visit the update section of the Build A Niche Store forum and enter in your ClickBank receipt number you got when you first purchased BANS.

5. Download the BANS v3.0 EPN to PJN Convertor Pack to your hardrive and unzip.

6. Back up any existing files on your server as a precaution should something go wrong. If you have modified the index.php or FrontControl.php files then updating your US v3.0 EPN store to work with Pepperjam will overwrite these files and you will lose the modifications you have made. Make note of any modifications you have made.

7. Open the Update Files folder. you should see 2 folders and 2 files listed. Upload all the listed folders to the appropriate section and location of your current BANS store location. Make sure to approve overwriting of files if asked.

8. After uploading the files is completed, you can log into your BANS admin panel and click the Setup tab.

9. Enter in the affiliate ID issued you by Pepperjam in the section number 4 called Affiliate ID and click save down at the bottom.

10. I do suggest that you do not use the cloaking feature in the Pepperjam version of BANS.

11. Wash, rinse and repeat for other existing stores.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the directions.


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