Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Choosing A Good Domain Name

When buying a new domain name for a new found niche you have discovered a few things should go through your mind.

Is is spammy? By spammy I mean; Several will tell you that multiple hyphens are fine, but all in all it is spam and used in ranking manipulation. There are so many things that go into the ranking of a site that spamming up a domain name will not help as much as you think.

Does it contain trademarks? You may get away with it, you may not. It just is not worth the effort and risk. Once again in the whole ranking scheme of things, you just do not need Oakley in your domain name if you sell Oakley sunglasses.

Is it brandable? Is the domain name easily remembered by the surfer? Let's face it, Amazon is not another word for books, but everyone knows they sell books.

Is it LSI related? Latent Semantic Indexing is not going anywhere. If you owned and where trying to rank for the phrase "cheap movies", then you made a great domain name choice. Google knows that discount also means cheap and that videos are the same as movies. Use LSI to your advantage.

Is it a Top Level Domain? If it is not .com or .net, I leave it alone for a commercial site. Buy only top level domain names.

All in all people spend TOO much time hunting for the perfect domain name. The perfect domain name is one you can buy and build a authoritative site around and build backlinks to. If one put in enough effort, you could rank the term "buy red roses" with a domain name called

Godaddy also has some great tools on finding domain names with related keywords to terms you give it. You should really play around with it next time you are choosing a good domain name.

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