Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$5.99 Domains & Another Google Web Based Rank Finder Tool Surfaces

Time and time again I get emails from readers who think they rank in position x for their keyword in Google and wonder why they are not getting any traffic. Often times I come to find the person does not actually rank where they think they rank. This is because the rankings they see in Google on their end are influenced by the searchers IP address, the language of your computer, past search history and other factors linked to the new "Google Personalized Search" feature. Now true rank finder tools are nothing new, but a another free one called Scroogle has surfaced that gives you a clean, unbiased search to truly see where you rank in Google for certain keywords. The site is not new, just one that has resurfaced over time. It is fun to play with, especially if you do not use the Rank checker plugin offered up for Firefox. Play with it yourself and see how it fits your need.

Also one final note. has $5.99 .COM & .NET domains for sale today only. July 1st, all registrars are going up as I previously reminded you. This is for new registrations only and you need to use the coupon code in the blog post before checking out. This is sort of like a last call at a bar. Take advantage of it.

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