Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Around The Web June 13th

We will start with an interesting question that surfaced on the BANS forum about capitalization and search in Google. I will not point to thread as there is a ton of bickering going on in it and it has moved far off of subject. However, I came across an article from Search Engine Land by Barry Schwartz on Google search results based on the case sensitivity. The article is now nearly a year old, but you should be able to draw your own conclusions on this.

If you are a Facebook user, hopefully you nailed down your username for your friendly URL last night. I personally stayed up late to make sure I got the ones I needed for my accounts. Here is the URL once logged into Facebook:

Came across a great article on an innovation lesson from childhood about multi tasking. It is short and to the point.

Twitter has begun to launch it's verified accounts process. It is only for high profile people to start with, but is the beginning stage hopefully to reduce some fraud and spam in the near future as Twitter is becoming a mine field of spam as of late.

Speaking of micro blogging, Google is in the process of launching a microblogging search engine, soon. Personally I would like to see them better filter their own blog search engine better to weed out spam, before tackling this.

Finally thanks for all of the feedback on the blog redesign. I had a few emailed questions about where to find good Blogger templates for Blogspot blogs. Blogger posted about this themselves recently. They have some great resources for Blogger themes listed.

If you are a coder and want to find and fix my missing div tags, I will pay the first person who comes up with the fix 20 bucks via PayPal. I just do not have the time to crawl through it myself as I have many more important task that need attention. You can see the problem first hand on individual post pages that have short post. The two sidebars do not stay floated on the right, but instead drop down under the post body itself. Use my contact page to let me know if you have a fix.

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