Friday, January 1, 2010

Finding Your New Year Hot Button

The new year is here and you can see the returning pilgrimage of several niche site owners back to make another run at developing a consistent income online. This business, like any other, takes hard work and dedication. It also requires you to be goal orientated as well. Everyone has a hot button, it is something that you desire that would make walk on hot coals or run through a wall if you knew you could have it. Some have multiple hot buttons, but I guarantee you that one ranks higher than the another.

My hot button is Las Vegas, more specific, the Sportsbook inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino. I keep pictures around my office and in front of my eyes all the time. It drives me. It keeps my finish line in front of my eyes at all times. The city of Las Vegas happens to be my wife's hot button as well. It is our destiny. We travel out there at least once a year and have done so for the last 10 years. We are very close to achieving this goal. In another year and half or so when the real estate market changes, we will sell all of our properties and be on our way.

As you get back into the business, you need to find your own hot button and keep it in front of you. It will drive you on days you feel like doing nothing. It should be in front of your eyes at all time. You should obsess about it. It will drive your subconscious and I promise it will make you a more productive person.

What is your hot button?

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