Saturday, January 2, 2010

Using Twitter Hashtags Effectively

If you have used Twitter at all, you by all means have seen the hash tag used in Tweets. It is the # sign. Many people will follow a subject instead of following a certain Twitter user. It makes following certain tweets on certain subjects easier. I like to refer to them as using category tags or tags on Wordpress post. For example, if I were to make a tweet about a certain coffee creamer I am selling or want to tell the world about, my tweet might look like this:

Have you tried the Vanilla Caramel Sugar Free creamer from Nestle yet? Great product for weight loss. #coffee #diet

As you can see, I am using coffee & diet as what I deem the master category of people I am trying to market to. Now other words of course like Vanilla, Caramel, weight loss and Sugar Free will show up in searches, but I want to appeal to a broader category and thus the hash tags. By using hash tags like you would a category tag, you will get more people reading your Tweets and perhaps more followers as well.

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