Monday, February 1, 2010

A Newbie Needs To Learn Method First

It is so confusing to those new to this business, especially those with no web experience to start with. Newbies are bombarded with marketing of things they do and do not need right out of the chute. They are easily influenced by one little success story and will chase it as if it were a magic bean. Tools are great, plugins are great, but in the hands of the newbie that does not understand the process, they are worthless.

When a newbie can actually see the results of a process they learn actually make them money, then and only then can they begin to get serious at expanding outwards from their. Many try the "mud on the wall" approach and while a few make a few bucks, they can never reproduce the process.

I see many, many IP's come and go through this site and the BANS forum. Very few ever earn more than $100.00 in their affiliate marketing careers. The failure rate is incredible, just like any business. The 2 best places for a newbie to start in my opinion is first reading and learning the Commission Ritual process and earning money that way. Then graduate to the Niche Site Guide to learn how to implement products listings into a site.

The best thing about the Commission Ritual process is that it also addresses using, installing and setting up Wordpress. This is something every newbie struggles with. Try it for $4.95 for 7 days. You will see that this is a must for a newbie and will get you earning money to start recuperating your start up cost. Once you learn the method, you have the hard part behind you. Don't buy another tool until you learn the method of making money the right way in this business.

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Anonymous said...

Sog, ol' buddy, it's "out of the chute", not "out of the shoot"... sorry, but, having been a writer and editor, I can't help myself...

soggy on February 2, 2010 at 8:11 PM said...

I blame my private school education. My spelling is none too good. :wink:


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