Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keeping That 90 Day Mentality

Not everyday in this business is spent building niche sites. Sooner or later you have to build links to these sites, especially if your site is not authoritative in nature or in it's early days. Everyone loves building sites. It helps release a persons creative juices. You can instantly see the fruit of your labors right in front of you. Building links, ranking and building targeted traffic on the other hand, requires work that is not as visible from a day to day aspect. Many have read my thoughts on this in the past. If you haven't, my belief was and is, it takes 90 days from the day you do something to see the results. Now is this an exact point in time? Absolutely not. Sometimes it can take less time, sometimes more time. 90 days though is what I use as the measuring point in building backlinks and ranking.

I also try to acquire at least 5 backlinks a day, total. It can be 5 to the same site or 5 to different sites. It can be 5 bookmarks to 5 articles on article directories as well. Some days I exceed this by far. Some days I just don't get it accomplished, but those days are few and far between. It is engraved on my brain, that I need to do something today, that will benefit me 90 days from today. It is my motto and should be yours as well.

Readers comment to me every now and again on how organized and focused I am. They imagine the perfect scenario for me everyday with everything falling right in place. Trust me, I have my SNAFU days. I just try to solve whatever situation arises and get on to what I need to do. I treat every day as if the whole house of cards is going to come crumbling down on me today. I pretend that checks will stop coming tomorrow. I act as if I need one more article submission or backlink to that one site today or that one site will lose it's number one ranking. Get the picture? The feeling you get when you lean back in a chair and you almost fall and you just do catch yourself, is how how feel everyday when it comes to my business. I live for it.

You have to treat everyday as the most important day in your business. Why? Because it is. Yes, I get sick! Yes, the dog gets sick! Yes, my dad calls and needs his computer fixed. We all have interruptions and distractions. It is how you deal with them and carry out the day to day task that separates the levels of success. You have to get and keep that 90 day mentality if you want to be successful in this business. It has helped me immensely. Now go build some backlinks. 90 days will be here before you know it.

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