Monday, March 22, 2010

Example Of Exact Keyword Match In Domain

The fine creators of Market Samurai have a new blog post up where they break down having an exact keyword match in the domain name can help you in ranking. Now do not read too much into this and let it run you off of a keyword with low competition, just because the exact match in domain names is taken. By all means though, if the exact match is available, register it. This really hasn't been a secret, it is just better reinforced in a post as this.

Another thing, don't think this is an invite to use trademarked names. As tempting as it is, it just is not worth it. You can attack a great trademarked keyword without having to register a trademarked domain name. Research it first by all means though as some names are more usable than you think, but you better ask permission. I have found a few myself that allow this, but it took some research and emails. When in doubt though, stay on the safe side.

Also if you don't own Market Samurai, yet, you really should consider making the investment in it, it is a solid tool.

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