Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pixlr - A Free Online Image Editor

I stumbled across a great free online image editor named Pixlr today. You can create and edit images and photos right online, for free as well. This is great for those of you that do not own Photoshop and have had problems learning the free Gimp program. Now I am no image pro, but do get around quite well on Photoshop, so I found this free Pixlr program a breeze to use. It does lack some things, but if you are new to creating images, this will be a great starting point for you. I am sure some tutorial will show up on Youtube and they have a Facebook group as well. They also have a tool called Pixlr Grabber that you can install on Firefox, Chrome or use as a Windows addon!

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Ryan said...

Good job and nice find, Dave. I do not own photo shop and am just learning how to do my own header images. This looks easy enough for even me to learn.


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