Friday, November 12, 2010

Cosmetics Last On A Site Rebuilds

I am all ready for the meat of the holiday shopping season on most of my sites and am now turning most of my attention to a few more sites that need rebuilds from the old BANS days. I plan these out, but try to move very methodical on them so I do them right. I don't like it to eat of large chunks of my day either. The biggest urge I have to fight is trying to play with the looks and cosmetics first instead of functionality. This is a big no-no, because the site needs to function right and all links, plugins and addons taken care of first. It is better to have a site working right using a base default Wordpress template, instead of having a pretty site that is half done. I tell you this from experience. Doctoring up your look, headers and CSS styles can get time consuming if you let it. Make this the last thing you do on a rebuild. There are many times when I wish I would of followed this very advice. Of course if you have the time and means, you can have EVERYTHING ready and done on a test domain or subdomain. This way you just move the theme and etc over to the rebuild. However you do it, make sure this site is down as little time as possible.

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David said...


That's a good idea to have everything ready and done on a test domain or subdomain..Could you explain the easiest way to move the theme and etc. over to the rebuild. Thanks..


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