Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Blogger Template Designs

A few of you still may utilize blogger as a main blog or a feeder site and I came across a Mashable post I bookmarked that features 10 fresh blogger templates for any type application. Although EPN frowns on you using Blogger with their affiliate program, Amazon endorses it. I hate to see people not be able to make money because they are technically challenged by Wordpress, hosting or are just flat out broke. If you are any of these, you should start with Blogger. These templates are easy to use, the platform is easy to use and there are tons of free videos on using the platform out there. You can indeed build a review type site very easily using Amazon or many of the other affiliate programs out there. It is true you do not actually own the site, you can easily back it up and buy a domain to forward to it. If for some unknown reason you delete the site or Blogger takes it from you, you still have the domain you can point elsewhere. Enough about that. Where there is a will, there is a way and these Blogger templates look like they will do the trick for you.

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